Monday, May 4, 2009

I haven't blogged for a long time. Not that there wasn't anything happening in the world or that there was nothing nice and joyful happening. I could have done activism for a writer in prison Zargana, a young comic who is jailed for 37 years by the Burmese generals and now after just a few month is in terrible health. he needs our help. Also spring came along with a force, I found beauty and sights to see...

Yet fatigue and resignation had entered my body.
I could see and recognize the beauty, document it. And only with the present of rambling vines and a fine meal did the the dark clouds lift.

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  1. Oh me, oh my, there are so many disasters each day to be concerned about. Everywhere, people are stepping on, or swatting, creatures whose DNA and heritage stretches back to the primordial time when the first few molecules of elements combined in a miasmic volcanic pool, or a tidal pool rendered by lightning, and life was first created. But long before humans maliciously or accidentally or incidentally interrupted these chains of life, they constantly occurred naturally, as dinosaurs defecated on tiny lizards, and wiped them out of existence, or wooly mammoths stomped in anger, and decimated significant portions of ant and termite colonies. Perhaps these losses are sad, perhaps they are mere expressions of the frivolity of 'god's' 'mysterious ways', but attempting rescue missions for all losses of life forms would be to deny the beneficent existence of evolution. (Hey, Muddy, how's this for an (ir?)rational Devil's Advocate position? No one can 'save' the world, it does not need 'saving', unless one presumes to know better than the fates that created and maintain it, thus attributing the character of a 'god' to oneself.) Why not take the position that life, this incredible learning experience, is to be humbly enjoyed, and thoroughly appreciated, and everything that occurs is to be welcomed and accepted and appreciated, without judgment as to whether it is 'good' or 'evil', since to do otherwise is to attribute the ability to understand and critique the whole incredible magnitude of the universe to oneself, which, I humbly propose, is beyond the capabilities of the most capable and brilliant and knowledgeable among us.