Monday, May 25, 2009

This is why you haven't heart from me. I was in Firenze.

After years of not seeing I visited my friend and old Professoressa Giuliana who lives smack in the middle of Florence. This is the view when one steps out of her frontdoor.

The city is splendid. beauty everywhere and good food. The first times I was in Florence I could not deal with it. Even now at times it was hard: As long as I did look at the Duomo from any other side than from the front I was ok. It would physically make me queasy when I did. My pulse would go up. So not pictures of the front which causes in me le mal de Stendhal. But the food is gorgeous and the city and the hospitality in a city palazzo... beyond words.

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  1. We are all eagerly awaiting the delivery of the take-out specialities you ordered for us from les ristorantes.