Saturday, September 10, 2011

9/11 Casa Louisa, Hoboken

When reading on the ominous date of 9/11, 10 years later one has to acknowledge that fact that brought so much suffering to world. It will be a reading full of peace and love and the will to resist. Yet there also will be pleasant, cozy moments, instances of pure poetry and music at Casa Louisa in Hoboken.
Participating poets: Peter Holvoet-Hanssen, Bert Bevers, Leila Boukhéfit, Bart Stouten, Annmarie Sauer,
Fred Schywek, and musicians Jokke Scheurs, Quirilan, Bateau Feu and Ken Post, eye witness of 9/11, singer/songwriter.
A short poem, original German  by Fred Schywek and an English and Dutch version: KLANG

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