Saturday, September 3, 2011

Worldwide day against war also at salon 12b

 Whatever small gesture, one has to do what one can to denounce the horrors of war in all its facets. A bunch of poets held a reading at salon 12b. Poems about old wars and new situations, an eyewitness song about 9/11, intimate readings about light and fire and loud performance supported by music... The next performance will be on 9/11 in Casa Louisa in Hoboken and then there will be the 2nd European Festival of Poetry September 17/201 in Antwerp, in the Permeke lbrary at 8PM. There will be a special anti war performance under the name of the Moorsoldaten.
The poets featured here will also be there...

 Here you see Fred Schywek and Bart Stouten reading the Hama poem I have posted before, the rhythm flowed apart and together, beautiful performance.

Here you see the current city poet laureate of Antwerp Peter Holvoet-Hanssen on the harmonica, one of the attributes which is always near at hand in a reading.

The first verse of what he will perform on the 17th...

 Pain of War
    (background: Flemish traditional: drie schuin tamboers, die kwamen uit het Oosten)

I  marched by the most abhorrent horrors to the youngest anguishing wail
From the 25.000 throats of Béziers Рin solidarity with the Cathars
I swept over pyres – over blood and the stench in the streets
rimbombo, rimbombo, I drummed in the rue Rivoli
danced on a flamethrower with fixed-bayonet
with the 15-inch-Howitser hewing at the cold
over Brandhoek, Ieper, Hellblast Corner, no-man’s land
ay the muster gas scorched us off the world
I sank down next to G. E. Ellison, lancer who fell last
mixed myself in the intercourse and rooted
in forgotten graves – Solferino, time upon time


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