Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Master of Ceremony

Roger Nupie will be the MC at the 2nd European Poetry Festival  on September 17th, 8 PM in Antwerp, Permeke Library.  He does this with flair, yet we shouldn't forget he is a poet in his own right. On the anti-war day he read the following poem in dutch.

Landmines (How big)
How big is man
juggling words like
bomb, shell, rocket, rocket bomb,
and fills them with smaller bombs.

How big is man
if his ammunition ends up in trees,
on roofs or under wretched
African sand.

How big is man
if in the aftermath of wars
not cleaned up antipersonnel mines
still cause daily harm.

How big is man
if he paints these bombs
in bright colours
- attracting mainly children.

How big is man
who because of this takes
an arm or a leg
of a child.

How big is the rat
who locates explosives
of landmines
with its nose.

How big is man,
who with a metal detector
only manages thirty, forty square meters
per day.

How big is the rat
who in half an hours
time checks
one hundred square meters.

How big.
How big.

from the upcoming book: Lighthouse, world internet books.

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