Friday, April 6, 2012

Digger Daves - The bar almost open

 This is Digger Daves place and people are rooting for him to open up in April. The place was dingy, dirty and the food only good when grandma came in to cook... The place was closed because of a gambling habit of the owner and defaulting on his deliveries. Already the outside at night looks warm and cozy, inviting.
 The inside is a more than pleasant surprise: old horse tack on the ceiling, antlers, old water valves, a marvelous glass collection and a warm atmosphere. Big plans for the food:
A clean kitchen, well thought out, safe and lots of enthusiasm from the cook...
 In one of the pinball machines a pack rat made its nest.  That happens, when humans move out, animals move in...
 View of the bar and two back country horsemen behind the mirror. I can see  the hustle and bustle of the place, hearing laughter and joy and banter around the pool table. Dori had her birthday, Dave backed a marvelous chocolate cake; here together lighting the  sparkling candles.
A fun time among friends...

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