Thursday, April 19, 2012

The road to Hollywood

Driving from Arizona to Los Angeles involves getting gas, several times... and yes in California gas is more expensive! A person has to ea,t so why not in Franky's diner. All dolled up, with signs and pictures, also several pictures of Marilyn and rat packs... Coca Cola signs but Pepsi is served. The value is in the highly collectible  Coca Cola signs, not in the root beers.

 We made it to Hollywood and were greeted by Charley Chaplin peaking around the corner and enough signs to be sure you know where you are: this is where it all began...

Tomorrow more of the Hollywood Boulevard. One of the many Boulevards of Broken Dreams after crossing crazy eight lanes freeways. In the evening even Mickey Mouse is tired... Although Elvis and Dart Vador were still going strong.

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