Thursday, April 5, 2012

On the road again- Up the flyway - Las Vegas and down the highway

Flying over Colorado and Northern Arizona the sun catches some mountain peaks. here and there still patches of snow.
Touching down in fun and gun crazy Las Vegas

The contrast between the architecture of opulence and beggars on the sidewalk, between a perfect world based on greed and habits supposed to bring joy... I did sleep once with my dog Vee in the motel 8 across the street. The door of the room was repaired with cardboard and everything was screwed down... Hookers and dealers walked around all night.

The photographer takes his job seriously taking in the surroundings sitting not on a manicured lawn but on Astroturf.
Even the hedges on the Tropicana are plastic
Inside view of the MGM's dark, rich ambiente. Light flashing, Internet gambling with Internet croupiers talking to the people strolling by.
The grand scale and life games of craps... and then to the car leaving Las Vegas crossing the by pass over the Hoover Dam and the glorious desert landscapes no Casino can compete with.

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