Monday, February 25, 2013

Cicatrizado - Poetry in Hoboken

Cicatrizado is the successor to the first volume Yawn on stone, hopefully to be followed by a third project. All is flawlessly organized by Frank De Vos, who developed the concept. Hartmut De Maertelaere took the pictures of trees with scars which inspired the poets. The district of Hoboken, Belgium is the publisher of the books. Eighteen black and white images of a knot, a scar on a tree, a detail, a feel of a bark of a tree lead to insights and moods and metaphors, to rhythms, all different.
All poets present read their work and the cellist Judith wonderfully played six Bach pieces in the beautiful Hoboken castle in the snow. I was impressed by a poet I didn't know: Ann Van Dessel. She writes the poem as the observer who sees the trees who see what humans do. 'They put their roots towards our feet' and 'they carve breath in our hands'. It was a pleasant gathering, a great initiative. The poems and pictures can be still be seen in the Hoboken park.  

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