Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Patchwork and poetry

One day I passed a beautiful sewing, knitting and patchwork shop. They announced an introductory class making a Ohio star. It is as you can see a simple nine block pattern. being a novice and born in Ohio I decided to give it a try.  And here is the result.
Of course I kept thinking about it and my friend Roselyn Johnson who is a master quilter and a really nice lady. Owning one of her wild quilts I decided to try for my own composition in the somewhat larger size of a bedspread or a throw. Of course being a poet I couldn't help myself.

a nine patch Ohio Star
because of poverty
in winter
the blocks are made
in summer they are put together
and then when blanket
given to
whom needs it most
my mother couldn’t do it
left Ohio
and only now
I know
I am a Ohio Star
sewn together of scraps
of continents and countries
languages and longing
so I give myself away
in the brave choice
of brightest color
a riot of displacement
in this port
finding a coherence
of sort

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