Sunday, February 3, 2013


There are several museums I really like: among others the Louisiana in Copenhagen, the Guggenheim in Venice, the Centre George Pompidou in Paris and the Muhka and also the Royal Museum of Fine Art both in Antwerp. What these museums have in common is the beauty of their collections and the light, airy space. Some modern and some stately, the perfect space for the Brueghel's and Rubens' collections. In the museum boijmans van beuningen is the current exhibition is called 'The Road to Van Eyck'. I like the exhibition: the few original Van Eyck paintings, his magnificent book of hours, the 'cheap' fast work made for export to the south was sometimes cartoon like, yet sought after in his time and now, and the funny painting of a lady with her lover and husband, whose glasses she had taken away so he wouldn't notice. However the museum itself and the way of presenting was not optimal. The floor and walls in the same dust gray, the lighting scarce, the lettering (with interesting texts) hard to read. It felt stuffy, with closed in spaces where people couldn't circulate freely. Yet it was a good outing with dear friends, catching up on sharing and talking. Oh yes, people in Holland are taller than in Belgium, so in the bathroom you'll have to adjust to a rather tall toilet bowl.


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