Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Maono, Swahili for vision, is an exchange project with Belgian young students and Congolese students and artists. The focus of the work is about visions and images of futures. A road book was developed by future researcher Maya Van Leemput. See/hear a radio interview at: Seen the images are important in this project Bram Goots photographer is an essential part of the team. Six weeks this years, the first two week to conduct workshops for the African participants and to work with the artists. The Belgian students had their preparation in Brussels Belgium. The results of the last two years of Maono have been real good writings, paintings and two music clips and some really neat road books... The first year this was the clip. Internet in Congo is shaky, thus working isn't alway easy. This year they are there for the first time during the rainy season and thus Congo is really green. Rainy season also means it is 5°C or 41°F warmer than last year and that there are a lot more mosquitoes. Thus malaria pills, anti mosquito sticks and the impregnated net over the bed. When there is relevant news, I'll keep you informed.

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