Tuesday, March 11, 2014

RuhrKunstOrt - Horst Weichbrodt-

The opening of  the show by Horst started with an interview for the local media, relaxed, everybody knows each other except me who is trying to figure out the relationships, the qualities of of each and everyone. Horst had asked not to ave a formal introduction to his  art but to read a few poems written by Native Americans. So Trevino Brings Plenty was heard, and also Sherman Alexie and MariJo Moore.
Horst sculpting is based on found objects, material along the banks of the Rhine or the Ruhr. He said: I work with cheap materials. yes, it is a kind of Arte Povera. The light effects in his work stem from incorporating glass marbles.
 Sometimes the sculptures light is in one tone, sometimes the marbles are multicolored. Of course besides the poetry not only read in English but also in the German translation by Fred Schywek, there were didgeridoo players, really fun and a Kurdish trio and of course good musicians then tend to jam together: a extra treat. The audience would spill out on the sidewalk and look in... My favorite piece is the Crow.

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