Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Ruhrort II- The art exhibits and some permormances

Since some Native poetry would be read in its German translation, the artists decided upon the theme of 'wild animal meadow' since many of the artist had work with animals in them. Ralf Luttman made the Ostrich and got it finished in time. Claudia Sper was given a lot of animal pelts by a furrier and made tis tunning costume. Horst Weichbrodt made these ladies with flowers...

Many of these artist work with found objects, with land art, driftwood,  tree trunks, clay, particle wood, cork and glass marbles to bring light in the work as Horst does.
The shortest photo exhibition ever was under the the tent: black and white digitally enhanced with crows in every picture. That is the trademark of HH Bergmann.
World Internet Books is where the books are published.

 A lady we recently met, through the cute black dog she had turned  out to be an artist and poet as well so Sabina also read some of her poetry of sudden insights and musings.
We started out in the program with "Sounds of Harbor' reading with a bunch of people in German the poem called 'TIDE', written by six authors from four countries...

I love this arc by Florian Waldhof and the kids: he made the boat out of a trunk and the children made the peoples and animals in clay for the arc. I love the detail in this way of showing that the animals and the people are leaving the arc. The desaster is behind them, they have survived!
Musician singer songwriter Ilona Vildebrandt entertained us all with her heartfelt renderings of her songs.

The one in the middle is Fred Schywek, organizer and poet, Florian, on the right and Heiko, devil does all in the middle.I thank all for working together to make this happen in the beautiful way it did.

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