Monday, April 28, 2014

Irish Folk Music

A friend of mine is a musician and she invites me regularly to performances or concerts. I guess she is trying to give me a musical education. I have had a lot of Irish musicians around so I am quite familiar with their tunes and songs, to the point that even now I can sing along in a group when a few traditional songs are performed. These  two musicians where really great, treating us to a variety of old and translational songs. John is on the guitar and Harry on the different flutes and singing acapella or accompanied  by the guitar.

There was a group of students present from the Conservatorium of Borgerhout who had worked whit John and Harry in Dublin.
Even in the afternoon they had been at a workshop. The students gave a brilliant performance of a song they had just learned in the afternoon. Especially the young man on the guitar and the one on the small wooden flute were great. Of course the others were as brilliant as these two on their own instruments: the violin, the accordion, the flute ...  All these youngsters are extremely talented. I love the soothing irish lilt when the songs are introduced. Irish music has the gift of making you feel part of the proceedings, of the group, washing away one's worries. So all left in good spirits, refreshed and renewed.

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