Tuesday, May 6, 2014

New European extreme right.

Mai 25th there elections all over Europe. In Belgium there will be local elections, state elections, national elections and European elections. In periods like these the right and extreme right crawls out of every dark corner in the countries of Europe. In the United Kingdom in Luton there is a strong presence of Muslims. So the EDL was founded spewing extreme anti Muslim feelings. There are many such groups in Europe, many extremely violent. there are groups in France, in Germany, in the UK, in Hungary where the 800.000 Roma who still live in Hungary are the main target of their extreme violence. Blood and honour still are welcome in parts of Belgium. In Jamel in the former German Democratic Republic (former Eastern Germany) the extreme right rules supreme, chasing away people. It is almost an exclusively right wing enclave, even  having a "bandit army". They bought over thirty houses in the village. The houses painted red belong the the neo-nazis.
Tomy Robertson and his cronies pose as patriots, yet they divide their communities by their racism and extremism that is channeled through the English Defense league. In Belgium the anti Islamic stance is propagated by the "Vlaams Belang", the former "Flemish blok". By changing their name, they have cleaned up their image, yet they hold still the same anti Muslim convictions. In most countries there is a strong reaction by anti-racist organizations. So beware, don't accept the hate speech, do not buy into the fear of 'the other', 'the foreigner' they propagate. Just try to talk to all your neighbors and life will be a lot more fun. Your possible futures will at least have a chance of being more peaceful, inclusive, colorful and interesting.

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