Monday, May 5, 2014

The end of mourning

In many cultures there seems to be a period of allowed mourning after a person passes away: It is about six weeks, or some forty some odd days. So yesterday, in the tiny family unit we are, we took down all the condolences cards, put them away in a nice box and just have her smiling picture there for her husband to enjoy. That smile brings him good memories.
My memories are still with her dementia.

my mother
speaks no
only remains  
the seemingly  
of her smile
the leaning over on the chair
mouth wide open
for a bite
she carefully
shoves in
her teeth
just don’t  want to go in
but a person
has to eat
painful of awkward
that head
which can no
till suddenly
my daughter
passes her something
and she
“thank you”
says –

 I send thanks for all she gave...

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