Friday, May 2, 2014

A pre-election Mai first in Antwerp

There are important elections in Belgium in a couple of weeks, thus the first of Mai is a good day to gather the democratic, progressive forces in Belgium. These four women are all top of a list. But the first of Mai also has a tradition of being international... People from Chile have been a long time part of each parade, but ow also musician from all over Europe end  some from Africa contribute to the festive atmosphere of the day. Some private people along the route have contributed by signs or window dressings. The record shop had a full window with records about solidarity and struggle for a better world.
Several themes of the march were social justice and not paying more taxes as a cleaning lady than a large corporation. Of course local issues were also part of this day.

 This is a protest against the solution the current, rather conservative and extremely Flemish Mair has chosen to make it 'easier' driving around Antwerp on the Freeway. Odd word, since it is never free but always stuck... There are much more sound solutions that the awful BAM Tracé which would create 18 lanes, going along schools, spewing their fine dust around schools and hospitals, polluting the city. I hope that once in the booth to vote, people will not follow the populists who are spreading fear and values I cannot share.

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