Saturday, April 4, 2015

Between light and dark, exhibition by Lucienne Stassaert and Louisa Chevalier

In Zoersel this exhibition brought quite a crowd. Two very different painters, who share an obsession which is to express what haunts them. I didn't know the work of Louisa Chevalier:
 The series of empty beds, in different positions, in different states of disarray, in different light, made up or with a glaring  absences of who has slept... Painful loneliness which is expressed in small paintings.

Lucienne Stassaert, Poet, prose writer and painter also chose to show her smaller work.
In different colors she paints, the presences and absence of people, the trooping together of people in strangely eerie spaces.
Her paintings are statements, like the bird who perished  after an oilspill. I would call Lucienne a political painter with deep emotions. I love the texture in her work and the variations on a theme. Roger Nupie held a fine introduction, brief, informative and to the point.

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