Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Chloride autumn

It is lonely in Chloride. My friends Cooper and Irene are leaving soon for New Mexico. I will miss them just as I miss Nadine when she is up in Phoenix. Of course there still is the morning coffee and a few other people I  know well and enjoy being around. But with the caf├ęs closed it is hard to find food one doesn't have to prepare oneself. Tomorrow 20 past 9,  Coop and I go into town for supplies. I think I'll be able to survive. I am also thinking about the end of my stay here with Doggy Dog. So I am here to the end of the month and need to make sure I keep entertained. My place is cleaned up, I have painted  the windows and doors of the gas station and even started on the back house windows and door and the porch. Maybe tomorrow I'll start working after the shopping spree in Kingman. 29 of November I'll sleep in Las Vegas on Tropicana avenue. I have an early flight so an early wake up call will be necessary. But I am looking for a few adventures before then.

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