Thursday, November 17, 2016

Indian Summer

The Indian Summer in Chloride is coming to an end. I have had an almost five week stretch of really nice weather. Yet now with high, cold winds I had to put an extra blanket on the bed. Luckily Doggy Dog is like a small hot water bottle... This means it is too cold for morning coffee with the guys. They talk about their projects, make fun and all bring their dogs. Thus D.D. follows John and Nadine's dog Otis around. The first time she saw him, she started following him. I guess it was love at first sight. If it stays cold, from tomorrow on we'll probably move into the Yesterday's. The guys may be tougher than I, but they don't like the harsh blowing wind too much.

I must thank a few people like Cooper and Irene for putting up with me, sharing time with me. I wish them luck on their adventures in New Mexico, and hope everything works out for them with the co-housing project, which certainly would be a good thing for two aging, very creative people. Yesterday they hosted a drumming circle! Fun and bringing together the drummers. Also Nadine, with whom I spend a nice morning and part of the afternoon in Kingman.

And Lauri, who is ebullient and fun. She and her husband have traveled a lot, lived for a while in Saudi Araby. I know people who were born in Chloride and have never been abroad. One of them is Leanne who is kind and sweet. And there is Lucette, she is from France but has made her home right next to the acres and acres of BLM land.

I have a sweet spot also for Roselyn who is a gifted quilter. When back home I'll try to find a small good sewing machine and try again to make a larger quilt. Looking at her work inspires me.

There is also Dale, who is not well and whom may not be around next year... What ever it will be, it will have been his own choice.

So many goodbyes... Some maybe definitive.

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