Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Election blues

Sadly the election wasn't blue but turned out to be red, and yes Arizona is a red state. Watching the results coming at C 's & I's place each one of us wearing a blue dot made it not less hard to see how Trump would be winning. After I went home to the gas station I kept the radio on the whole night and heard the troubling news that he indeed would be the next president. Chloride itself is also red and there are not enough democrats to reach a sensible balance. I hoped the glass ceiling would be shattered, but it seems we have to be patient for a couple of years more, before that happens. So we pussyfoot our comments and hope for the best.

I did see and like Hillary's concession speech and also Obama's thoughtful address to the nation. He is still a great president for the next four month's and then it will be Trump all the way for four years and then maybe four more years...

It is a sad day, but the people have spoken. White men afraid of change have spoken.

Never he will be my president.

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