Sunday, January 7, 2007


A friend decided one day no longer to partake in the dollar economy, to be non-violent and responsible and trying to leave as small a footprint as possible. He is a primitive skills teacher, lives not as a hermit, but as little as possible money based. He barters, teaches, gathers materials in dumps, even food; road kill hides are tanned and turned into clothing; old motorbike tires become sandals.
When a Hummer passes in the street, or one or another large gas-guzzler, I think of him and wonder what we all can do to live more responsible lives. Solutions people have chosen, can consist of advocacy in nature conservancy if it only where to protect or enlarge a local wilderness area where they like to hike with a group of like minded, leaving footprints in the sand of Pine Canyon, Antelope Canyon, clean up of trails, bake sales, you name it. Others insulate their house, use energy saving bulbs, drive small ecological more responsible cars or save up for a hybrid car. Some get rid of their car altogether and in a drastic move start using public transport and taxis…
We, in the industrialized countries need all to be aware of the size of our footprint. Taking care of one's shelter, food and clothing and not shopping in shopping malls, requires a lot of time, planning and thought. It is a full time job actually. If we do hold a job and are part of Babylon, we should at least be active citizens who will protect forests, defend wildlife, respect human rights, stop polluting or pay to clean up the C02 we produce, be non-violent and pacifists. We should also not disrupt the regional economies of developing countries and tell our governments what we want them to do for us, question authority and think independently and see to it that all decisions are taken at the lowest possible level. You decide for you, and from there up slowly in larger circles we'll be deciding together for the world.

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