Sunday, January 28, 2007


Sleepless as always when traveling the free will/choosin's an illusion quest kept nagging. What if the universe is a kind of obstacle course. We have a limited free will range, personal freedom checked by the patterns of life, the pattern of stardust and the pluriverses. Kind of like a rock on a track in the snow.

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  1. Perhaps the limited range of 'free will' permits only these 'decisions': the appreciation of all the past(s),including the exploding star that created the substances of the earth and everything upon it; the recognition of the travails of one's genes in arriving at 'now'; the acceptance of the influence of the memories created by the pasts and their effect upon one's genes; the realization that the past, the genes and the memories created one's 'now', and will thus create one's future, irrespective of the delusion of 'free will'.