Sunday, January 21, 2007

I love this bar

A toast to water, to the simple fact of a faucet! In this bare boned town of essentials life becomes visible. The bar & the restaurant, country & western & karaoke, pool and dance, line dancing although nobody walks the line. The barman is big and cuddly, Irish, smart, usually generous with his drinks. She on the other hand--- Lets keep silent, let’s not hurt people, there are only two places in town. The situation reminds me of ‘Who is afraid of Virginia Woolf’. Well, I am, I am not, not really… We all see the deep-seated hurt, a soul shrouded, clouded in lack of self-acceptance. Her lesson, our lesson should be “Love they self” but don’t get haughty, highty mighty, for lack of self esteem, believing to be better than the rest in this godforsaken town.
It is like the President, yes , yes him again G.W.B. He is speaking up a storm about strong decisions, being the commander in chief, leaving no options open and thus masking his deep seated feeling of inadequacy, lack of security. So does she, using the same basic mechanism. The big guy jokes, has a good time, she scolds him, tells him what to do… They must have loved and understood each other and something must have gone wrong. She worries, I guess some has to.
The women, girls of uncertain age have fun, talk, smile, forget their sorrows. That is life in sunset town. And then it snows and all is invisible, covered, a clean slate to start fresh. All dance to their personal ‘Cocaine’, to 'Cherokee Nation’ and ‘Lets raise our glasses against evil forces, whiskey for my men, beer for my horses’ and forget the cold of the outside world, where people get killed for writing what they think. Yes, I love this bar.

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