Friday, February 9, 2007

Finite universes

This link is a gift from a friend. I started reading it and my joy grew with every new concept that was introduced. I have known for a while that there are pluriverses: more than one, several and all united in ‘space’. This last jump is quite amazing: space infinite and eternal and continuous. The different universes are finite just as matter is. There are waves going in and waves going out. We are just as each particle, the center of our universe. Definition: Universe is the Finite Spherical region of Matter and Space that we can see and interact with (within an Infinite Space). Only this other matter's Out-Waves contribute to the formation of our Matter's in-Waves. i.e. Huygens' Principle - and this is the cause of Mach's Principle, that the mass of our matter is determined by all the other matter in our finite spherical universe (because it is created by it!). Read on on the site and you’ll jump for joy because this is the end of unconnectedness. I have said before: the stars and I are part of each other, now I know why. And time? Definition: Time is a consequence of the Wave Motions of Space, and that it takes ‘Time’ for Wave Motions to flow from place to place in Space. Time does not exist as a thing in itself, it is, like the ‘Particle’, an effect of the Wave Motion of Space, not a cause! Thus Time only applies to Matter, as the Spherical Wave Motion of Space and not to Space itself. Of course during my many goings from one place to another, in cars, trains, planes, boats, I have often wondered how time was needed to get to another place and the close connection between aspects of Time and Space.
The definitions come from Cosmology, Geoff Haselhurst website on ‘Space and Motion’.

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