Saturday, February 3, 2007

Hen party

A larger group of women, some of them work in the same environment, others never met anyone before, recognize each other but don’t really don’t know each other and yet we here for a hen party. The dynamics are wonderful: open, honest conversation, good fun and serious stuff, wine, gin tonic, vodka. A late walk through town on a wonderful winter night with a full moon makes me think about the spirals of experience in our lives. Definitely the cycle of life is being celebrated. All our lofty or lowly –bassement matérialiste- pursuits have been put aside to be part of this rite of passage. The women here are all strong, vibrant, interesting, intelligent and one can feel the excitement of being part of this ritual, age old and primitive. Maybe primordial behavior is the only true behavior left. Participating in the transition of one phase of life, one status to another is definitely a privilege. Seeing a friend entering a legal union after years of ‘shacking up’, meeting her friends and family, having had a few serious talks about all this and finally sharing her excitement reminds us all of the cycle of life. There is talk of old, ailing parents, there are a few kids who remind us of the manifold futures yet unseen, and we know of loss and the ensuing loneliness that comes with it. In participating, being a member of this wedding party, all of us are, once again, fully immersed in the stream of life. I wonder who will catch the bouquet? By respecting the rituals, one signifies (maybe tongue in check) seriousness about the matter at hand, solidarity of the group and thus the bond that we are witnessing will be strengthened. I wish you abundant delights…

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