Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Tower of Silence

We have to write. Not privately, like a diary, where there is no ‘publicity’, no testing of truth and history and reality. Our reactions in private settings don’t yield results, don’t flow into schools of thinking nor are they part of the general critique of government. Our private thoughts cannot change the paradigms of our society. So if we write we need a private/public situation like a blog, a website, a newspaper, to exchange ideas, to influence and be influenced, to learn. Whenever there is a marriage between capital and power, democracy, freedom of expression and freedom of the press and our civil rights are in jeopardy. So we need to write as sharp and clear as we can. We need to point out that no more money should go to the surge in Iraq. We need to be vigilant because there is a real risk that without a word, without the approval of the congress, the UN or the allies of Nato that President Bush will attack Iran one day soon. We need to prevent this. We need all to write as good as we can to stop our government, to embarrass our government, the business Tzars and the power brokers. Let’s polish our words till they are strong enough to bring about peace. Don’t lock yourself up in a tower of silence, care about the lives and beauty lost. Build confidence and trust, talk and listen, and heal the world of violence.

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