Saturday, February 10, 2007

Why does it matter?

Why do I care about the Wave Structure of Matter. Do I understand the mathematical part of it? Not really. Yet when I am reading on the Space and Motion site I realize the philosophical implications of some parts a few paragraphs before I find the confirmation in the text. Now think, space in motion is infinite. It makes sense to me, a beginning and an end never did. This space is infinite eternal and continuous. Space is all there is. So is the yearning for space in the heart of the restless traveler. And the rest (time and its consequences) is a consequence of movement in space. Being ‘spaced out’ to me always was being so in flow, so engrossed in a book, in writing, that suddenly your body calls you to order. Having to use the bathroom, and before you know it, it happens again. That is then usually the moment I look at my watch and realize that four, five hours have gone by and that time has passed me by. That is how space must be, waving in and out, relating, not quiet reaching all and everything, yet part of the whole. So what we can ‘see’ as influencing us, we consider part of our universe. Isn’t it great we are the center again of our own universe? It also works this way in networking in human relations. I feel the more waves we let in, the more waves we can send out. The more my friends provide me with opportunities to learn, to feel, to enjoy, to live fully, the more waves I create out again. The sad thing in the infinity of space our own universe is finite. The planet could be ruined by us, by our human activity. Already today we have created an ecological debt that is longer than fifty years. We have made life harder, less healthy, more precarious for at least three generations. So in order to keep the equilibrium in our finite part of infinity, we need to change our ways and strife for justice, equity, kindness, beauty, solidarity with all and everything. The sixties said it right, sometimes there are good vibrations, waves in harmony and equilibrium, yet listening to the world now what I hear is the dissonant of war, the ugliness of greed, the darkness of doomsday sounds of injustice and egotism and bloodthirsty power. Yet we have a choice (if we are not dictated by past and genes and such) or the waves right now give us the opening to try and heal what is sick, they repeat with every pulsing motion that touches us: we are all related!
Mitakuye Oyasin. To all my relations… If we truly feel this, maybe then we can imagine long term inclusive futures.

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