Sunday, April 22, 2007


I was lucky enough to get a ticket for GODDAM! A tribute to Dr. Nina Simone. The group had toured for two and a half year with the show and it was their final night, the 10 people all continuing on their own way. GODDAM! the title of the tribute is taken from the first protest song she wrote. Well you all know Nina Simone, singer, pianist, a voice in political and cultural America. GODDAM! Tells the story of her life and does it justice. The group of performers is young and incredibly talented. They send shivers up my spine, warmed my heart, brought tears to my eyes, made me clap my hands, sing along and even dance. It was a wonderful night in my hometown away from the desert. Roger Nupie, a good poet, mean translator of African poetry, started the Nina Simone fan club, got to know her well and has an incredible archive. On the basis of his material, a few months after Nina Simone passed away on April 21 2004, and after listening to the 400 songs she recorded during her career, a concept for a tribute was developped. The performers, band and vocalists are more than excellent, they made my soul reach higher… Their enthusiasm, love for the material and their own great talent made this evening unforgettable. The group had people from Africa, America and Europe. Most of them are from the band DEZ MONA, and beginning of May they will be promoting their new album Moments of Dejection or Despondency. I have penciled in my agenda May 5th to try and hear them.

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