Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Sometimes life baffles me - inundates me with things to write about, yet I hold back. Can one write about a public event at work when Martin Sheen - good actor - good opinions - represented the element of fire at the Globe Energy Award or would that be unethical. Could a blogger, innocently, lose her job over a thing like that? So I become only half a citizen.
Friends stayed for about two weeks, I can show city hopping, yet I refrain writing about the discussions between a guest an another lifelong friend, the misunderstandings, the obvious loneliness between the husband and wife as if they are together as by contract with no need to communicate.
Family, friends. Can I, like among others Truman Capote portray them ruthlessly, or even with understanding, as long as it results in good writing?

These questions stop me while spring races to a too early summer with abnormally high temperatures, pleasant, but disconcerting. I should have blogged about the two Iranian writers who were arrested and detained in solitary confinement and who now according to the WIB ( Women in Black) have been released thanks to the human rights activists. I should have written about the experiment conceived 30 years ago and finally partially realized and which proves Einstein and the Wave Structure of Matter (WSM) right. And of course I should have written about all the sad records broken: soldiers dying in Iraq, students dying in Blacksburg, Virginia... Students who mourn their friends said: "We must continue to invent the future". Yes we must avoid undesirable, violent futures. So I must write.

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