Tuesday, April 3, 2007

To be or not to be content

The goal of every human being is contentment, I was told. Being content? Did the speaker mean being emotionally and mentally satisfied with the way things are, accepting circumstances and willing to accept a course of action by another person, like some or other president preemptively invading a country? He probably meant he wanted peace of mind. Spontaneously I said, I don’t. I do not want to be content with unjust situations, with war. I don’t think anybody should accept and be content with an abusing spouse, incest, domestic violence, or child labor producing our sneakers. Should we be proud and strive for smuggery and praise ourselves that we made the right decisions, expecting all others to follow our lead and also live in a little house, with a little lawn, a little tree, a little dog and kids in little league… and who knows what drama's behind the curtains. I’d rather try for the elusive ‘possibility of happiness’, not just for my self, but for all, and be involved in whatever minor way in creating the best possible circumstances for life on earth: water, shelter, safety, education, health care, clean air, healthy food, respect for all that lives, sharing, open and honest friendship and room for one’s particular brand of creativity and peace…
Does it mean I have to live in a perfect world to be happy? No. Last winter when the water froze in my kitchen sink and my small desert town was out of water for days on end, I was proud of the water guys, handing us out a gallon of water whenever possible. I was proud of what they did because they helped provide the basis for happiness. And then there is the joy of a drink of pure, fresh water, a good meal when one is hungry or hungry for good conversation, a book, a painting, music, rest and work for change...

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  1. It is my humble opinion that doing the right thing when no one is looking is a good place to start. I demand that people respect my rights and know that mine end where theirs start. Now as I get nearer to the end of my life I have everything I need, most of what I want and a Walmart nearby. (The WalMart term is just used to buy the things I find I want and just happens to be where I shop)
    Having been over sea's for a year (Vietnam 68) I fully understand the desire and pleasure of a good clean tasty drink of water. I felt that way about a frosty Budweiser until about 15 years ago and had to give that up for my health. MUD