Sunday, June 29, 2008

Colors at work

Did you know white containers contain perishables? White reflects the sun and keeps the containers cool. They do, so why don't we paint all the houses white in the desert?

Why do they make certain tools red, turquoise, blue, black and yellow...
I really don't know... Maybe it is part of the working conditions of the best dockers in the world so that they can keep a colorful outlook on life in view of the automatisation that decimates jobs. A few years ago there were still 140.000 dockers, today on this harbor only 70.000 found a hard but well paid job.


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  2. In de Noord Afrikaanse woestijn vind je steden met helwitte huizen en lichtblauw beschilderd houtwerk. Niet alleen bijzonder mooi, maar het zou de muggen tegenhouden!!!

  3. Some white containers contain perishable humans, primarily caucasians. But if left too long in the sun, they turn dark and heat up, and eventually perish. I guess that's just another of the long list of 'god's' mistakes.
    Tools should not be colored. Since workers have been using colored tools, the number of jobs has sharply declined.
    This is similar to the situation with the emancipation of women in the workplace, especially in the USA. Since women have been advancing in corporations, and performing more responsible jobs, the capitalist system and corporations have been going to hell. There is much more corruption, a disgraceful increase in the salary differential between top level pay and the workers, and many monopolistic mergers.
    Remember back when women were just secretaries and clerks, and happy to have those jobs? How good things were?
    I guess that's the price we pay for not following 'god's' will. Will we never learn?