Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Nanish Shontee

A small group of people gathered to listen to Sky explaining about Nanish Shontee. This is an intertribal group steered by Mala and Sky. They try to teach people, showing by example how to live close to the earth and to think about the seventh generation in the decisions one makes. Sky, who is Tiklit, started the evening with a smudging and a welcome song. Then she spoke with shining eyes about the land. Mala her Western Shoshone/Cherokee husband had been stopped at the border for having been just a day over the legal limit in Fortress Europa that constitutes the Shengen area. Nobody knew. He was unceremoniously put back on the plane to the States. So this shy lady didn't have the speaking material and with some holiday pictures a visitor had made and a laptop and a technical wizard with a dog we got an impression of what they are trying to accomplish on their land near Blanchy in Oregon. A warm evening with food for thought. It was good there was a bunch of younger kids becoming more aware about their chosen responsibility on this earth.

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