Sunday, June 22, 2008

Midsummer's night

Spooky dragged me to the last day of the big
fair on a pleasant summer's night, which happened to be on her birthday... I can actually see the three high attractions from the first and last picture from my desk. Yet mingling among the sounds hadn't been part of the experience: blaring boxes, the lights and smells of Waffles from 'Waffleland', and foods from all places in their greasiest forms, and all kinds of goodies to be won. We didn't go on any of the wild attractions: we had seen too many people being sick after they got out of them. The old carousel brought back childhood memories just as the big ferris wheel and the one old fashioned cakewalk.

1 comment:

  1. Wow, Muddy, your midsummer night dreams are really weird. I'll bet if you visited a Feminist Dream Analyst his wife would be able to help you.
    Tell me, in your dream, when your imaginary spooky friend took you to Waffleland, were you naked? Was your body all covered in exotic oils from the greasy foods? Did you make the podium in the 'Most Fun-At-The-Fair Person' contest? When the Merry-Go-Round spun you off into space and you fell all the way down from Heaven, did it feel good when you landed in the bathtub full of Cristal?
    Most important, do you remember what you ate before your dream, so you can repeat the experience?