Sunday, June 8, 2008


Remember the post by Kelly demonstrating against the war on her own at a Mc Cain rally in Arizona. This brave friend of mine was photographed and the picture won a prize so her courage and outrage at the criminal war have received just attention.
We should be proud about all the brave women of Codepink and the women in black who stand always in a non-violent but forceful and strong way. And by the way I am also proud of Hillary Clinton, she has a made a difference for us all and her speech was moving and generous. We live in turn point times and that is when each one of us counts. Peace, civil liberties, equity is what we all stand for. By the way Dr Scarpone, I am also proud of the men who stand with us with us vitriolic anti-war signs...


  1. Be very careful.

    The Future is just the Past, in reverse.

    Dr. Scarpone sez:

    'Can't we all just get along?', is a useless, pitiful plea when directed at an accommodation between the sexes, when the females are represented by feminists.

  2. The Contrarian observes:

    Two thoughts on the US Presidential campaign.

    1. Father Nature sure has a sense of humor, and must love reverses, since it is now Obama who is accomplishing things, and running a successful campaign, while all Hillary has done is make a speech.

    2. Is there a more sexist group than 'The Feminists'?

  3. All you Hillary supporters, don't worry about her future, she's doing a smart thing, and going back to school.

    She's enrolled in a woodworking course, and when she graduates, she'll rid herself of a major frustration, and finally be able to put together a cabinet of her own.

  4. I think that the world is upside down no matter what gender it is. j