Monday, September 1, 2008

Bat cave

Arizona skies at Guano point define width and depth.
Out of the bat cave guano was gathered and the steel structure let people down and filled wagons up.

The river is the Colorado, running red, because of the rains upstream. Technically at this point you are out of the Grand Canyon Park, yet the natural phenomenon is bigger than the park.

I never could comprehend the vastness of it all. Yet I have seen the canyon at different places and altitudes, slowly I am beginning to get a feel for the changing colors and the overwhelming ever changing majesty.

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  1. Arizona is even more famous for it's production and export of republican-crap as it is for bat-sh*t, and there are many republican caves scattered about the state.
    They can be spotted by the clusters of limousines, confederate flags, spittoons, and comatose red-necks near the entry.