Wednesday, September 24, 2008


It is one Rom, the people are Roma, just as the Sinti they are are gypsies. There are 10 million Roma, living all over Europa. They are as the Sami a people without state. The Sami are spread over 4 countries: Sweden, Finland, Norway and Russia. The Roma have to content with a lot of intolerance towards them even when they are citizens of the country they are living in, having the nationality of the state in which they live like Poland, Italy, Rumania, Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro.
It has been proposed in Italy that if a person from a non EU country comits a crime that if that person is illegal or irrgular his/her punishment would be aggragavted because the illegality would constitute an aggravating circumstance. That seems wrong. We are all equal and the law should be just and the same for all.

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  1. The Roma sound like the HipEyes in the States, during the '60's. Roaming all over, opposed to structured government, living off the land or the 'straights', not rigidly conforming to 'laws', ending many conversations with either the 'peace sign', for their friends or accomplices, or the 'finger', for he cops or the 'straights'. Overall, a good way to live, especially when compared to the conformity demanded to achieve 'security'. Life is not a 'secure' endeavor, attempts to make it so destroy it's essence.