Sunday, September 7, 2008


Who are the people that turn an election campaign in a mythological struggle: Mc Cain the hero. Thus he transcends the human condition and is privileged. An essential role in this is played by a fairy, nymph or semidivine woman who shares his adventures. Our moose hunting snowspirit could be just the one who shows him how to gain possession of the symbol of immortality and long life in a big white house.
How does one campaign against fairytales. How do you touch people with the reality of their own life and strugles. Maybe just by being real, staying the progressive course and not playing games, really caring about the people you speak to. Certainly not by whipping them up into a rightful, heroic frenzy in a web of amnesia, lies and distortions and the scenario's of unconscionable scriptwriters.
Get out of their dream, dream your own, construct your dream and choose for peace... be a healer.


  1. Sounds like you are not drinking the McCain/Palin KoolAid. But just remember, a lot of this 'media frenzy' about the 'excitement', and 'enthusiasm' Plain brings to the ticket is created by the media itself.
    Just imagine how nuts the American MSM would have gone if McCain had nominated a real Pit Bull for VP, with it's anus encircled with lipstick! It would make their brouhaha over Palin look like yesterday's news.
    Or suppose the senile old fa*t, McCain, had shown up for his acceptance speech with his fly unzipped, and a giant, black dil*o hanging out? The MSM would have flipped out, and 'Palin' would have become 'PalinWho?'

  2. Some Americans would vote for McCain/Palin even if they drop kicked triplet infants through a red white and blue goalpost on national TV at halftime. They would figure that The McCain/Palin team "had good reasons" for doing so.