Friday, September 5, 2008

The continental divide

Planing the wood, putting down the boards to complete my kitchen floor and having varnished and resanded the floor twice, gave me a lot of time to think and meditate about the post convention state of the USA. I am sad, full of melancholy for this country, which feels like a continent divided.
The Rep's came out with the most conservative, evangelical right platform ever, with open disdain and scorn for the Dem's. I felt the Obama speech was unifying, bringing people together, addressing their needs and how to deal with aliviating their burdens. The other side spoke about the contenders, portraying one as a hero, fit to be a leader even if there is no program and the other as one every footbalmam in the every small town can relate to... Drill, baby drill's points of view are so extreme in what they call pro-life that they would prefer to let a mother die to save a child, in the process taking away a spouse and a mother of prior children. What repulses me most is the constant use of the phrase 'Evil'. As if we do not have good and bad tendencies within ourself, as if 'evil' is an outside force. Naming something evil, puts one in the camp of the 'good' and seems to allow all means to destroy it. That to me is not a state of law: prisoners have civil rights, pro-life to me means ending the war, the illigal occupation, ending the silence about the bodybags coming home to grieving families. What do you dream about Mr President? Do you see other futures besides destruction, death and anhilation? I have always advocated non-violence and non-violent conflict resolution. That will lead to more understanding and unity and hapiness. Troops home now.

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  1. Are you sure you're not just saying all that stuff because you're a woman?