Friday, June 3, 2011

The banks of the Ohio

Having crossed from Ohio to West Virginia one encounters the river flowing proudly and wide, even having flooded some farmland with the month long rains in the area. It is immediately clear that this is coal country. The barges are loaded, waiting to bring their load to the coal burning plants. Good or bad? A good thing for sure is that after the Three Mile Island nuclear disaster that the Americans aren't too hot on more and more nuclear power plants.
Yet it isn't all industry here, walking I stumbled upon the crushed bones and hoofs of a doe and was enchanted by the Jasmin smell in the lush greenery.
Then to Huntington, don't miss the visitor center, nice area, friendly service and follow that up with a Japanese meal and rest for the night planning the sights of tomorrow.
American towns aren't meant for walking; that is a pity.

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