Sunday, June 5, 2011

The road to Dante

Railroad, river and church at a crossroad in Dante. Faded publicity and green mountains and hill  and meadow: from deep viridian green to lime, to verdi gris, Green is the Appalachian color and of course the black of coal. Driving the coal heritage road gives one matters of life and death to consider. Mine disasters, poisonous effluents, small faraway villages where the old lady's, two were born in Dante, keep the local museum open.

Dante was a union mine. Massey Big Upper Branch mine is not.

Sweet and glad that strangers are interested in their heritage.
Friend caring  about their roots and place.
Doing bake sales, repairing old buildings, keeping the past alive.

That was Coal Heritage Road, a good way to see the country.

A video about MTR

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