Saturday, February 18, 2012

Friendship from eleven to now

This lady, I have know since she was eleven and I twelve. I guess her parents thought she was clever and let her have an early start going to school. And yes she is smart. We hadn't seen each other for a while, so she had been disappointed in my constancy. She spoke her mind and I know I didn't fulfill her expectancy of me.

Yet in the cute place she had chosen we talked. We were very serious and laughed and found, I think, our way back to each other. She isn't too fond of changes when things are good and I am a restless soul, a drifter. In Dutch (I read the word  in a poem by Herman Gorter) there is this word zwerversrecht, the right of a drifter to expect s/he will still be loved, appreciated, accepted when s/he shows up.
And with some people it works; the conversation after years might be like I was saying the other day.... knowing, feeling, where the other is at. It could be construed as a selfish way of living, but the other person can also expect to be welcomed, loved and appreciated after years of not seeing or speaking to each other. This lady is part of my life, remembers things and stuff I have forgotten or erased. What I should remember is the sign over the door saying 'Nothing is really difficult' not even in her words 'incompatible friends'.

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