Tuesday, February 7, 2012

V.R.'s 65 bash

 Veerle is a great graphic artist and wonderful enabler of projects involving word and image. For her 65th birthday she invited friends, family, people she had worked with. The afternoon started with Patricia Beyssens, great attitude and voice, wonderful choice of songs.
 Tony had organized a program in which different artists or authors would speak about the different projects. He was a smooth operator introducing the people he knows well.
 Philosopher Frans Boenders entertained us with his take on South Africa ( one the projects), although basically traveling more to the orient. He finished with four quatrains, funny and telling.
 City Peter, the just released city poet Laureate of Antwerp gave a fine performance, warm and with even a song on a melodica. He spoke about the working together with Veerle for the cover of one of his book. Down on the right a picture of the wonderful place Zaal 7, pure art nouveau and holding about 150 pople that day.
 The left guy Jack van Peer is the president of the Foundation which wants to work to preserve and support contemporary graphics.
On the right is Jan Dockx President of the Circle of Friends which will be treated to museum visits and learning about contemporary graphic art.

 Tony in a pensive, quiet moment before the
second set of German Lieder  from about the 1920/1930's... Click on the picture and admire the shoes.
The picture below shows Johan van Cauwenbergen in a rousing speech.
 Veerle's partner Willem Persoon spoke about the 10 years the have been together: the busy, rich fulfilled life  with Veerle.
I which both of them many more years, many projects and good times.

Marleen de Crée also spoke about the first project in the Masereel Fonds in Kasterlee and the often mentioned trip to South Africa. The microphone kept hiding her face so the picture didn't work. Ivo Va, Damme, who takes the pictures at these events is the man on the left.
 And the birthday girl is seen here unwrapping  the gift of all the artists: a piece of original graphic work plus a poem by every poet. Happy Birthday Veerle8

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