Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Struggles and solutions of an aging hippie blogger

When my new laptop came, my daughter did a great job transferring my data and explaining a few things on the way to new bliss on the new machine. So, yes a I struggled a bit, mainly with google.
I may not have found the most logical solution, but in the end found my way around to be able to work on my blog again. I have now two English spell checks (US and GB) and can start working again. I guess that when I started thanks to Fiona, who then had a marvelous, very literary blog, in 2007, I wasn't aware of the addictive aspect of this kind of writing. I have refrained to ever write about myself: there was activism, travelogue, poetry, cultural events were written about: music, book presentations, theater, films (the last one being Tierra Roja, really a must see movie!). Sometimes just musings, art, friendships... So I am wondering where my laptop will take me this time around. This kind a writing seems to be a necessity for me.
By the way, Rose Vandewalle's bilingual book Zwanenzang/Swansong is getting real nice reactions from readers. The presentation of the book will be August 27, in the literary café den Hopsack in Antwerp. If you're around come by and have a good time! The book really looks great and the kind reactions of friends warm our heart.
So this is a new start. See you soon.

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