Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Cristmas

May the return of the light bring warmth and joy, an end to stupidity, an end to the occupation of Iraq. May it bring peace, the end of greed and consumerism, let's find real caring and justice. Think warm good thoughts: a merry Christmas to you all: Dr Scarpone, Vicky, J. , Branka, Chameleon, Spookie and Rockcastle, Mud, Dr Faust...


  1. And The same back to you from the chilly, biting Mohave Desert. How ironic. Mice in long john undies. j

  2. If you expect a light to do all that, you better be lighting a really big doobie.

  3. I opened the blog only this morning. Annmarie, thanks for your good wishes. All the best to you always,