Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Casually looking out, left of my small desk, I recognize the art museum, with its bronze chariots on the roof. I recognize it because I know the building and start thinking about some of of the things I saw there. Besides Rubens and Flemish Primitive masters I saw a beautiful collection, well displayed of Japanese art and probably what touched me most was a few paintings in Klein's typical blue among a whole bunch of modern painters. That blue still resounds in me, it was my first contact with a truly monochrome canvas. I still can't explain the depth of that blue, the immateriality of it, the challenge of it having no function at all. I also saw later one of his blue sponges. By then he had used everything turning it into his trademarked blue... This are my blue thoughts tonight. Sweat multicolored dream to all of you.


  1. Is it just blue you find fascinating, or other colors, too? How about green?
    The reason I asked is, I just spilled a whole can of split pea soup, and I thought if you're interested, before I mop it up, I could invite you over to muse and peruse it.
    Lemme know.

  2. The ironic thing is, the folks who run the art museum are pointing up at the windows of a newly-decorated eleventh-floor flat part way across the city, admiring the paintings there, and wondering how to get invited to view them.