Friday, December 28, 2007


It seems impossible that one of the stranger people in my life would take umbrage to being labeled weird by me. They would all wear the word as a title of nobility, knowing they are not run of the mill, not sheep. One used to call me everyday to tell his nightly conversations with god or the devil or his latest hallucination or fantasy. To me, he just tells me his life and what he told me was true to him. That is OK with me. The ones not certified crazy, certainly are no sheep believing what the president says, believing what the media print. Some are activists for change, impeachment of Cheney and the president, for peace, are quirky poets. A few have a very small carbon footprint and could be an example to all. They are all special and unique to me, because of their creativity, their open and questioning mind, their interest in culture and civilizations. I assume that none of them would think Bush made the right choice in his Middle East policy, being friends with strange regimes like in Pakistan and thinking they could be persuaded easily to become a democracy. The tragic events of the killing of the one opponent to the regime who could have won in a free and fair elections. sadly proves them right. I don't think my weird friends would ever trade their freedom for so called security guaranteed by a state, taking away our rights. That makes us all weird in the eyes of some. In the French revolution the word used was 'Canaille'. Yes, we are Canaille...


  1. OK, I gotta confess. I'm an undercover CIA/Mossad agent working to spread Bushite/Zionist fascism around the world under the code word "American Democracy".

    I was assigned to infiltrate your group because of the 'Peace' efforts, and marches, you were involved in.
    'Peace' is contra-indicated for our movement, we strive to avoid it at all costs.

    How'd you like our 'False Flag' 'incident' with Bhutto, where Al Qaeda got blamed? Pretty smooth, huh?

    The next time we meet, you can strip my 'weird' medal from my neck. I'm just a regular, run-of-the-mill, true american, Bush 'Patriot'.

  2. Wait ! let me turn my baseball hat around backwards,tear out my truck engine for the 5th time this week, and give a nice beer belch for Emperor Bush, and the Zionists ! one, two, three.