Friday, December 7, 2007

The Move

Moving house. That's why the blog was silent. All went smooth: in a period of high winds and lashing rain we moved the stuff to the twelfth floor with an outside lift on a calm, clear day. Thank you universe. Also thanks to the helping hands and minds. Now I enjoy the view and the hear the wind howling. Looking out I am seeing 7 steeples of churches, clouds chasing each other in multi hued grays. The other side ( yes it is a corner flat) I see the rain hitting the window.
Soon I'll go on with more Rwanda feelings and thoughts, since gweenix kind of asked for more Africa. Now there are the boxes of books to unpack, paintings leaning against the wall until they have found their spot and doors and shelves to be painted... Life is good.


  1. Settling into new "digs" is a definite high, all things being equal. (no monster neighbors). The place will tell you what it needs, too. The lighting balance is important. Cozy comfort zones...snack know the routine. j

  2. The primary question when moving into a new/old residence is 'Are there ghosts?'

    A seance must be initiated ASAP, to establish dominance over any spirits present. (Just use standard seance techniques)

    When spirits are found, determine whether friendly. (use standard spirit psychology/analysis techniques)

    If unfriendly, use standard spirit-removal techniques.

    If friendly, fix them some tea.

  3. Geez.

    I looked out my windows this morning and all I saw was two rabbits humping each other, and some lizards playing in puddles left by the recent rain.

    You Belgiumians sure have it good.

    And you don't have a Dummy like Bush running your country. Could you teach us how to do that?

  4. I wish I had a giant claw device to pinch Bush and CO and throw them waaaay out into the deepest black hole in space. But space might sue us. The White House will need to be Exorcised for months..the dust mites are all psychotic by now.