Sunday, November 2, 2008

The book of thieves

Today the judicial research police asked Bee and myself to look at pictures that fitted our description. I looked at the faces of these kids in their different attitudes. They looked into the camera challenging, sad, like a bully, indifferent. Their hairdos were elaborate, like for going out to a party, lots of wax and special waves, lots of piercings too... The longer I looked, the sadder I became. I asked the young officer how many kids would turn out to be alright. 'Many have enough after the first warning, but many return and show up time and time again', he replied. I said some have such winning smiles. So he showed me the picture again and it turns out he steals, does breaking and entry with violence and more. Some looked as if not knowing what was happening to them, others looking pleadingly.We were lucky we met with two non-violent thugs. I saw arrogant vulnerability in these mugshots and felt no anger but compassion. Arrogant vulnerability? Yes, Bee saw it too.


  1. Those kids are the future. Sobering thought. Even more sobering: They were created by their parents. We are their parents. We used to be the kids that were the future. Ever feel like a hamster? On a treadmill? At least this should lay to rest the argument about whether 'god' has a sense of humor. But it's rather macabre, don't you think?

  2. I find it interesting that the judicial research police have books of pictures that include pictures of Bee and yourself. Is there something you're not telling us? Are you both likely to star on YouTube some day?